About Us

Tax Planning Centre is a financial services company, which includes tax preparation and tax planning services.

We currently have 10 seasonal locations in malls around the Lower Mainland and the British Columbia interior, as well as 4 seasonal locations in Alberta, Yukon Territory and Ontario.

Our corporate head office is open throughout the year to assist our clients with tax-related questions and actions, as well as follow-up with Canada Revenue Agency(CRA) as needed.

We treat your taxes as if it were our own.

Our aim is to be recognized as the tax preparation service of choice for the professional, confidential and convenient experience we provide, while maximizing our clients’ tax savings. We are known for the personal long-term trust and business relationships that we build with our clients, often continuing from one generation to the next, wherever they may reside in Canada or abroad.

Why Choose Us?

Don’t pay higher taxes! Come see us during tax season at one of our kiosks and we will prove to you why we are the best at what we do.

Personal service

Competitive rates

Open 7 days a week during the tax season

Accurate returns guaranteed

Professional and friendly staff

Convenient mall locations

Tax preparation while you shop or wait

No appointment needed

The TPC Management Team

Maryke Leonard-Troskie, DFA

Director | Tax Services Specialist

One of the foundations of my business is building long-term relationships with clients, based on trust and a strong work ethic.

Philip J. Primeau, DFA MFA RWM

Managing Director | Tax Services Specialist

Our clients know that they can rely on our financial knowledge and experience to provide them with the guidance and advice they need.


Clark Taylor, CLU CFP CH.F.C CFDA

Director | Tax Services Specialist