Franchise Opportunities

TPC Tax Planning Centre Ltd. is looking for business entrepreneurs and professionals with a keen interest in serving the tax preparation industry, by bringing superior quality, convenient tax preparation services to taxpayers across Canada.

Despite a fluctuating economy, income tax preparation has shown itself to be a recession-proof business. Whether a person has high income, low or no income, they always have to file a tax return to receive a refund for over-payment of taxes and/or to maintain the social benefits they are entitled to. And they often need expert help to navigate their way through a standard tax return.

Tax Planning Centre has been in existence for over 35 years to serve this need. We have an extensive network of seasonal tax preparation (corporate and franchised) locations across British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta and Ontario, who service thousands of clients on an annual basis.

You may be one of these individuals who are looking for a way to enter the tax preparation market on a self-employment basis, but who needs some help navigating the murkiness of opportunities presented to you.

A Tax Planning Centre franchise offers a solid base from which to start and operate a successful tax preparation business within the first year, at an affordable cost to the franchisee.

It allows you the benefits of being self-employed, but also comes with the backing and support of a well-established and trusted company in the field of tax preparation and financial advisory services. As part of our turn-key solution at start-up and in future years, TPC will provide you with established branding, professional-grade systems, trusted advice on tax matters and operational guidance, as needed.

If you are a financial advisor, you will enjoy the additional benefit of having a pipeline of leads that you can mine with the purpose of producing additional revenue streams.

Please contact the TPC Management team via our Contact Us page if you would like more information about franchise opportunities with TPC Tax Planning Centre Ltd.

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